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Sabu of Los Angeles wishes to train State’s youths in skill development

Indore. Representatives from 23 countries related to some or the other area of Madhya Pradesh have come to take part in the Friends of MP Conclave in Indore. These representatives want to extend support in the development of Madhya Pradesh. Businessman from Los Angeles, USA Ashish Sabu runs a BPO by the name “Take Synergy” and through this he scripts medical trans-prescriptions of US based doctors digitally. In America, this work is medically and legally must for all doctors.

Sabu said that he runs a BPO in Indore also in which he has given employment to 70 youths. Several skill development programmes have been started in the last few years in Madhya Pradesh. According to Sabu if the Madhya Pradesh government helps to train youths working in BPOs, he can provide more and more youths to get employment in Medical BPO field. Young businessman Ashish says he does not get trained youths for this work in the state. Because of this he has to visit Manila in Philippines to get youths trained. Currently he has got more than 500 youths employed in Manila.

Talking about the conclave, Shri Ashish said that Madhya Pradesh government has made a better platform available for people of MP residing in foreign countries. These people of MP residing abroad want to extend support in development of the state. They will get this opportunity through this conclave.