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Scientific study of South-West Monsoon by Disdrometer begins

Bhopal. The Scientific study of rainfall caused by the South-West monsoon in Bhopal region is being conducted from the data received by the instruments installed on the weather satellite INSAT-3DR by the Madhya Pradesh Science and Technology Council (MAPCOST), Bhopal and Space Applications Center (SAC), Ahmedabad of the Indian Space and Research Organisation. Result obtained from this research project will help in selecting crops.

The In-Charge and Senior Chief Scientist of Agriculture and Soil Division of Remote Sensing Application Centre of the MAPCOST Dr. G.D. Bairagi has informed that Disdrometer has been installed on Vigyan Bhavan situated in the MAPCOST campus. Research is being conducted by this instrument on different rainfall products caused by the South-West monsoon. The disdrometer weighing 30 k.g. is a most advance instrument which plays an important role to record rain related data.

Dr. Bairagi further informed that disdrometers have also been installed on the buildings of IIFM, IMD, GDA Office, NITTTR, BHEL, BMHRC, SIRT College and BSSS College along with the Vigyan Bhavan of MAPCOST. Work related to site selection, survey and logistic for research has been entrusted to the MAPCOST. Both the scientific institutions had mulled various components of action plan before the beginning of research work.

What is Advance Weather Satellite INSAT-3 DR - The INSAT-3 DR manufactured in the country itself is the most advance weather satellite, which has been launched in the space on July 26, 2015. This is the first geostationary satellite of the country equipped with ‘Imager’ and Sound instrument that helps to obtain high quality based data of different features of atmosphere like rain, moisture, temperature, mist and graupel etc. The products of exact statistics of rainfall will be prepared by creating models from the rainfall statistics received by the disdrometers installed on 9 institutes of Bhopal City to calibrate satellite based rainfall.