Shala Siddhi programme held in over 25 thousand government schools of state

Bhopal. Environment for quality education has been created in the state thanks to positive efforts like skill enhancement, district academic quality improvement scheme, 'Pratibha Parva', Hamara School Esa Ho, school quality programme. Under the aegis of human resource development ministry, a framework Shala Siddhi Programme has been prepared for schools of Madhya Pradesh for evaluation and reforms by National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi. This Shala Siddhi Programme has been started in the state from November 2015.

For evaluation and upgradation of schools focusing on state's need and priority, 'Hamari Shala Esi Ho' programme has been chalked out. Under the programme, school itself is doing integrated development by identifying areas through continuous internal and external evaluation, framing action plan for school upgradation.

A total of 24,792 schools have been selected in the year 2017-18 for the implementation of the program 'Hamari Shala Esi Ho', taking four primary and four middle schools from each Jan Shiksha Kendra. This programme was executed in four phases. The phases are self evaluation, external evaluation, framing of action plan for school upgradation, action for reforms as per the school upgradation action plan.

 During Pratibha Parva in the year the year 2017-18, 15 thousand 800 officials of different districts adopted school earmarked for Shala Siddhi becoming 'Shala Mitra' in the state. The schools evaluated mathematics and science subjects in class VI on their own. One Jan Shiksha Kendra of each development block was earmarked as excellence Jan Shiksha Kendra. One leading middle school of Shala Siddhi programme in each Sankul was provided learning kit.

Gift-A-book scheme in the state - Gift-A-book scheme has been introduced in the state. Any person or institution can gift useful book of knowledge, entertainment and competitive examinations to libraries of government schools under the scheme launched by Rajya Shiksha Kendra. To ensure more and more public participation, teachers have been told to encourage common people under the scheme. Mile Banche Madhya Pradesh programme will be held at large scale in the state this year on August 7 on the death anniversary of poet Shri Ravindranath Tagore. Registration process has been launched for this.