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State level programme of “Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh” on August 31

Bhopal. A state level programme under the ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ will be organised at village Ladkui of Nasraullganj tahsil of Sehore district on August 31. The programme will be relayed directly by Doordarshan, Akashvani and regional channels and on social media from 11.30 a.m.

The ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme has been implemented in the state for advancement of language skill, to develop books reading habit other than text books, to develop comprehension skills and for multi dimensional development of the children through co-academic activities. Persons, who are participating in the programme will visit government primary and middle schools to encourage children for reading other interesting books along with the text books. It may be mentioned that this is the third programme under the ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’. Persons from all the fields have registered themselves with enthusiasm for the programme. Approximately 2 lakh 50 thousand persons are supposed to take part in the programme.

Volunteers, who have registered themselves for the ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme include youth, students, house wives, media persons, engineers, doctors lawyers,players, voluntary organizations, retired employees, persons working in the private sector and officers besides employees of the government sector. An option for participation once or regularly as per their own can be given to the volunteers. The volunteers will recite one chapter either from any interesting book available in the school library or from the Hindi textbook during the programme . After the recital, the students present in the class will be asked interesting questions and will be introduced with the art of communication and reading while holding group discussion.

Those volunteers, who will attend the programme more than once can conduct educational activities during the school’s weekly Bal-Sabha on Saturday. They can also connect themselves with the cultural, literary, sports, and life-skill related background of the government school. In addition, volunteers may also assist in career guidance, activities connected to stories and articles’ reading, painting, dance and music. Over 80 thousand volunteers from the total registered volunteers in the “Mil –Banche Madhya Pradesh” programme have expressed their desire to present gifts to the school. As many as 46 thousand persons will gift useful books to the students for competitive examinations under the “Gift-a-book” campaign of the School Education Department. Similarly, approximately 35 thousand volunteers have expressed their wish to give gifts useful for children in the programme.