Crime / क्राइम

Stern Action On Financial Irregularities

Bhopal. Four the then Chief Municipal Officers (CMO) of Satwas Nagar Palika of Dewas district have been from service for financial irregularities in UID SSMT Scheme of Government of India for water supply scheme in city units. This action was taken by Commissioner, Urban Development and Housing Vivek Agarwal after charges were proved in the investigation report.

Funds worth Rs 6 crore, 28 lakhs was approved for the water supply project of UID SSMT Scheme of Government of India to Nagar Parishad Satwas, District Dewas. Out of this, Rs 2 crore and 97 lakhs was spent unauthorizedly on other works. Four Chief Municipal Officers in charge including Anwar Gauri, Shri Satish Ghavri, Maqsood Ali and Harivallabh Sharma have been terminated from service for violation of accounts regulations and scheme principles.

The information about the misuse of funds approved for water supply scheme to the Nagar Parishad Satwas, District Dewas during the year 2012 to 2016 came into notice during a review. The project could not be completed following the expenditure of the funds on other heads. When this fact came to light, Commissioner, Urban Development and Housing Department suspended all four chief municipal officers in charge on 06 January, 2017 and issued orders for a departmental probe. In the departmental probe, all four chief municipal officers in charge confessed that they spent the approved funds for other works without following the proper procedure thus violating the provisions of Madhya Pradesh Nagar Palika Lekha Niyam, 1971 and UIDSSMT Scheme. Upper Commissioner, Urban Administration and Housing Shri Vikas Mishra was the departmental probe officer.