Tigress shifted from Panna to Sanjay Reserve

Panna. Tigress P-213-33 from Panna Tiger Reserve who was preying on cattle in fields nearby has started behaving normally in Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve. The tigress was sent to Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve in an unconscious state with a team from Panna Park Management on March 25 by the Forest Department. The area in Panna was proving too small to accommodate more than 30 tigers. This leads to a situation of mutual conflict and digression. Sanjay Tiger Reserve area is about four times bigger than Panna and the number of tigers here is also comparatively less. Forest Department is hoping that the tigress is able to extend her family here.

Director Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve area Vincent Rahim told that the tigress is 26 months old and is overall healthy and is gradually adjusting to the new environment. She was released in the 10 hectare tiger enclosure situated in Kanjra. There are three spotted deer in the enclosure. The tigress preyed on a ‘paada’ (buffalo calf) yesterday. She is under constant vigilance while experienced employees and security persons are taking care of her.