Transmission capacity grown to 16 thousand 200 M.W.

Bhopal. The last fiscal year was full of achievement for Madhya Power Transmission Company. The total transformation capacity of most high tension sub-centers became 55,880.50 MVA, total length of most-high tension lines became 33270.39 circuit k.m. and the total numbers of most high tension sub centers has become 345 during this period.

During the fiscal year 2017-18, 14 new sub centers were constructed by the company and have been energized, besides this an increase of 2464.5 MVA has been made in the transformation capacity. In this way, the transmission capacity has been increased by 1100 M.W. during the year 2017-18. The transmission capacity of the state was 3890 M.W. at the time of the formation of the company, which has grown to 16 thousand 200 M.W. in the year 2017-18. Owing to the better management of transmission and strong network, uninterrupted electricity has been supplied successfully in the entire state.

Accessibility of transmission system was fixed as 98 percent by the Madhya Pradesh Electricity regulatory Commission for the last fiscal year. The Power Transmission Company has achieved the accessibility up to 99.15 percent due to the better management and strong network.

Number of sub-centers has grown to 345 as compared to 331 in the year 2016-17. Similarly, the transformation capacity has grown to 55,880.5 MVA in the year 2017-18 from 53,416 MVA. The number of transformers has also grown from 810 in the year 2016-17 to 836 in the year 2017-18. In the same manner, the length of transmission lines became 33,270.39 circuit k.m in the year 2017-18 as compared to previous year’s 32,369.39 circuit k.m.

The transmission loss has come down to 2.75 percent as compared to 7.93 percent after the formation of the company, which is 2.82 percent less than the fixed norms of the regulatory commission. During the year 2017-18, maximum demand i.e. 12 thousand 240 M.W. of transmission system capacity has been met on December 28.