TRI to provide interior decoration at tribal museum of Raipur

Bhopal. The construction of sub-galleries and work of interior decoration of the Tribal Museum under construction in Raipur will be done undertaken under the guidance of a team of experts. This decision was taken at the meeting of the Vanya Executive Committee held under the chairmanship of Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Lal Singh Arya. 

Minister of State Arya also gave permission for decorating and beautification of the waiting rooms and centers according to the tribal environment for artists as required by various Vanya community radio stations. Similarly, permission was also given for decoration and beautification of Vanya office as per the tribal environment. Arya gave directions for publication of the directory including the registration and introduction of tribal artists related to all art forms for the promotion of traditional tribal art of the state. He said that this directory should be created in the form of a coffee table book.

Minister of State Arya also asked to identify artists and groups to spread the tribal development schemes through various demonstrative traditional tribal arts. He also organized training camps and workshops for the construction of traditional tribal equipments and garments and to explore the possibilities in the market. He also permitted a state level seminar on tribal residential styles.