Vansh’s speech received with applause

Bhopal. A young boy Vansh was reciting numbers aloud and President Ramnath Kovind and other guests welcomed him with applause. It may be an ordinary thing to have a six-year-old boy reciting numbers but what made things different was the fact that this boy Vansh was deaf and dumb by birth. But after a cochlear implant through “Mukhya Mantri Bal Shravan Yojana, he is able to talk in Hindi and English.

For daily wager of Gwalior Arvind Yogi, it was a matter of concern that his son Vansh could not hear or talk although he had turned two years old. Arvind would visit every place that people suggested to offer prayers, but to no avail. When Vansh turned four, his parents went to the doctor again. They were told by the doctor that if Vansh has a cochlear implant, he would be in a position to speak and hear but it would cost at least Rs 7 lakh. Arvind says that the expense involved left him disappointed. In such adverse circumstances, the “Mukhya Mantri Bal Shravan Yojana” of Madhya Pradesh government came as a boon.

On a government expense of over Rs 6 lakh, Vansh underwent a cochlear implant at Bhopal’s Divya ENT Hospital and a speech therapy also. Arvind and his wife have no words to express their gratitude to the government. They are of the opinion that government has given us double happiness. First it gave us a pucca house in Scindia Nagar under Affordable Housing Scheme and second is making it possible for their son to speak and hear through a cochlear implant.

Arvind and his son Vansh took part in the mega camp organized for assistance to disabled and senior citizens in Gwalior. On the occasion Vansh recited numbers which was received with applause by President Shri Ramnath Kovind and other guests who encouraged him by patting his back.