Yatra is a Sense of Responsibilty Towards Narmada River

Anuppur. 12 crore species of fruit bearing and umbrageous trees’ saplings will be planted during the rainy season upto 2 k.m. from the banks of Narmada river. Stream of Narmada river will get constant water gradually from these plants. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was addressing the Jan-Samvad held at Khalhe Doodhi of Anuppur district today through mobile phone. He could not attend the programme in person owing to the technical fault in the aeroplane. He mentioned that he will take blessings from Swami Narmada Das Ji soon in Ashram situated at Shesh Ghat of Khalhe Doodhi.

CM said that ban will be imposed on all the activities damaging Maa Narmada and persons damaging Narmada river will be penalised. He mentioned that Narmada Seva Yatra has established its image in the entire world as a river conservation movement. He further stated that living entity status has been given to Maa Narmada because sons and daughters also hold responsibilities towards mother. Narmada is a lifeline; hence we all are responsible for its protection. We exist today but will not be here in future and in case if Maa Narmada’s flow gets obstructed then our future generation will not pardon us. Narmada Yatra is a sense of responsibility towards river conservation. This is an environment awareness yatra. Chouhan further said that other rivers of the state will be conserved besides Narmada River.

Moreover, Chouhan stated that liquor sale in the radius of 5 k.m. from the banks of Narmada river has been banned from April 1. A state wide campaign will be conducted to encourage people for –de-addiction so that people should quit this social evil themselves.

Minister for Food and Civil Supplies Omprakash Dhurve mentioned that Maa Narmada is providing us life through irrigation, electricity and potable water. This blessing has brought improvement in our lives. It is our responsibility to undertake works to ensure river cleanliness and plantation with public cooperation. Extending gratitude towards the Chief Minister Chouhan, he appealed to the people to become partner in this noble campaign. Shri Dhurve informed that Narmada Seva Yatra will be concluded at Amarkantak on May 15 in gracious presence of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.