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Youth should be strong intellectually and ideologically

Bhopal. Inaugurating the Young Thinkers Conclave here today, Governor Anandiben Patel said that youth should be strong intellectually and ideologically in all fields, whether they go to any field in life. It is the need of the hour today that every human being should have pure, benevolent and creative thoughts and all should be intellectually enlightened. We do not have to learn anything new instead there is need to remember out basic nature. The Young Thinkers Conclave was jointly organized by the Young Thinkers Forum and Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal.

Governor said that only mutual dialogue and brainstorming of two different ideologies only can solve any problem in India. It is the basic responsibility of India to establish dialogue between all the ideologies at a time when a situation of ideological polarization has been created in the entire world. India is one among the world’s most powerful youth powers of the world which is making great achievements in all sectors today. The Governor said that discipline in the youth is the biggest quality. Students should learn to be patient, peaceful and courageous. She said that I am happy that such an initiative is being taken in Madhya Pradesh. When the country’s youth starts thinking selflessly without focusing on oneself, he can prove to be the initiator of a great ideological revolution.

Rajya Sabha member Rakesh Sinha said that only the youth who does not lose or tire easily can take the country forward. He said that our country is a ‘Vishwaguru’ and this is its position. If we want to see our country in the form of Bharat, then one must study one’s heritage with the same view. If the youth study the past and thinks about it, he will remain in the past. We have to think for our future. The youth will have to move ahead if we want to push the flow of thought ahead. Before getting to know the nation, we must try to learn about its history. India is an ideology, we must recognize it in the same form. We must not forget our culture. Sinha said that we must remove the obstructions of Dalit, minority and majority, we must only talk about the upliftment of the poor.