Youths Should Provide New Technology to World

Bhopal. Youths inventing new technology should provide it to the world. Youths acquire something or other in any form from the country in the initial 30 years and there is a need to pay back to the country in the next 30 years. Minister for Higher Education Jaibhan Singh Pawayya was dedicating the Innovative Model Exhibition at Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Polytechnic College. Programme was organised by the Sister Nivedita Technology Education society.

He mentioned that students should be creative and they should take help of sports, library, training and other activities for personality development. He also told that students should possess a feeling of sensitivity necessarily. Videography at the time of accident in place of help to the victim is insensitivity.

Moreover, Pawayya said that there is no lack of talent, skills, intellect and energy in students. There is a need for only one motivator for nurturing personality and this role should be played by the teachers considering it as their responsibility. He stated that the Prime Minister Nardendra Modi cherished a dream of skilful India. He said that youths of the country hold a special place in multinational foreign companies on the basis of creativity and technical knowledge.

He mentioned that convocation ceremony will be held in university from the new session in Indian attire. This has been already initiated by Atal Bihari Bajpai Hindi University. Explaining about the reason of VT written on the planes, he mentioned Victorian Territory is being written since British rule. He has also written a letter in this regard to the Aviation Ministry.